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Make Perks about you.

All about us:

Forward thinking is on the agenda for much of corporate America. perksfirm™ was born the day one preoccupied boss decided to spend less time behind his desk and more time pioneering success from up close. That boss was our founder. Searching the web for a rewards oriented work approach, he realized that if he’d want to give more, he’d have to create a platform to do so.


The first step was to mingle with the crowd. Being more present allowed perksfirm™ to become centered around what mattered most to employees and their lifestyle needs. It also created an opportunity to recreate company culture by giving back to those that give their best shot every single workday.


Welcome to perksfirm™. Customize your employee promos in a branded presence for unique perks that benefit your team, your clients and yourself.

More about you:

You already know how perksfirm™ came about, as well as how it started and what it really means. How can you make it about you and your company culture? If you’ve visited our site, you must be an employer who wants change. You seek positive enforcement and that’s a good thing. You must already know what 88 million American bosses know: that a happier team means a better product or service. perksfirm™ is how we can help you tune into what your employees need and want so that they feel better about coming to work and staying for the long haul. These promos are a means for change that comes full circle.

Why Perks Firm?

If you’ve been actively searching the web for ways to reward your team, don’t look the wrong way. Stay right here where coupons live and promos love to hang out. By completing a custom form, you can let us know the little details about your employees and industry so that we can respond with a perks plan that is as unique as the people you hire.


Be innovative and resourceful in more ways than one. Health and beauty is self empowerment, while financial guidance alleviates stress that can filter in on the job. Allow only positivity to enter your workspace and let us do the work for you.

Internal promos are available with your logo and imprint.

Custom branding:

More options offer well rounded promo access.

Multiple categories:

Attract real estate and home care candidates with comprehensive HR benefits.

Office friendly:

Easy to access coupons in a single click approach.

Web simplicity:

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